GMOs & Biodiversity

>I've a Master of Biology and since the early 1990s I've been working on GMOs, their applications in agriculture, their risk assessments and socio-economic impacts. Following a master thesis on risk assessment criteria for GM lactic bacteria, I worked as editor of the Biotechnology and Development Monitor. Since 2002 I've worked as freelance consultant for different NGOs, preparing background materials on GMOs. I currently work on regular basis with EcoNexus, currently mainly as project manager of GM Tree Watch.
Since 2004, I've also been following the negotiations of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Biosafety Protocol.

Websites for small organisations

Over the years of working with small organisations, I've come to appreciate good websites more and more - both as a user who is trying to retrieve relevant information from other sites as well as somebody who wants to present her own content for others to access. Combining the understanding how small organisations work - especially small groups with less formal hierarchy and without dedicated IT departments - with the technical knowledge of how to build sites, I've increasingly been building sites that fits those needs.
I work within a network of site and software developers, communication specialists and designers, using Drupal.